Who or what is Kerblerken?

Photograph copyright Len Panecki.

Photograph copyright Len Panecki. Disclaimer: much less interesting in real life. Solid 5/10.

Kerblerken is the sound a friend of mine makes when he does a really big sneeze. Or, according to the idiots over at Blurry Photos (who I love and recommend), a “Swedish explosion sound”.

It is my (only) contribution to the stupid English language.

Kerblerken is one of those blog sites where I fill my little corner of the internet with things that I’m working on in a failed attempt to validate my obviously pointless existence. It’s rarely updated, because I am a pathetic over-achiever trapped in the body of a lazy arsehole. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am currently accepting applications for the position of stalker.

  • I like Pinterest (stfu it’s useful) and you can come stalk my boards
  • Occasionally I Instagram as buriedintheshed because the kool kids do it
  • I waste lots of time on imgur because what would you rather do… look at reddit? LOL no

Commence stalking. Hit me up and maybe I’ll stalk you back. Probably not though. Don’t take it personally. Most people suck.

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