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An amphibious creation…

Fishboy... the amphibious creature with the... tongue

Making latex covered creatures is an interesting process. Infuriating, messy, wasteful, but interesting. More than the look, the feel of a latex creature is awesome. When you pick up this little guy he’s kind of squishy, a bit slippery. In the end I think he’s pretty good, but he could have been better. I think I may have another go in the future, but I have another latex covered job to do which has a lot more surface area and more room to experiment with. Read more… »

Uhmum – A Monster, Once a Boy

Uhmum... the boy who became a monster after drinking some bad tea.

Uhmum is a creature created from foam, fur, latex and polymer clay. He’s no puppet – he just sits there looking cute. I wanted to experiment with creating a detailed, textured face using latex casting and latex painting (which is just cheap artist acrylics mixed with liquid latex), but have simple features that weren’t quite human and not quite beast. Read more… »

Lack of Research: The Sad Tale of a Failed Creation

This sabre-toothed creature was intended as a wearable head mask. This is as far as it got before being abandoned.

Recently I became obsessed with the idea of making wearable, talking masks. I had watched videos, seen lots of so-called tutorials that don’t explain a damn thing, and was frustrated. I pondered and experimented, wanting to perfect the art of it. I’d made one semi-successful wearable head that functioned quite well, despite it being completely unfinished and more of an experiment in fur-crafting overall. But the “panda” was a spark of inspiration. Read more… »

The Goat Man

Head shot of the goat head mask.

Is it a goat? Is it a cow? No, it's a faun. Shut up, that's why.

After a technological nightmare that included losing hundreds of computer files, phone camera files and dropbox files, which can only be described as my ultimate modern-era horror story, I was finally able to collect some (not all) of the images and text from this write-up. Back-ups, people, get on it.

Goaty was an interesting one – the first time I’ve tried to create a wearable animal-style head. I could (and probably should) have sculpted it in clay, cast it, and done a resin base. I could have done these things, but I decided since I was broke and already in possession of reams of foam and adhesives, the best thing to do was to just start gluing things together until they looked like what I wanted. In fact, this is what I tell people who ask me “how did you learn how to make this?” My response is always the same: “Just start gluing things together until they look like you want them to.” Read more… »