Trying My Best

Promotional image for the TMB Kickstarter campaign.

Finally they are complete! The three puppets I’ve been creating (with often-collaborator Roslyn Quin). Sadly, I can’t post pictures yet. But they’re done. Onto the next project!

You’re still reading? Ok then. Well, these puppets were created for a web series by the idiots at Birthday Loyalty Club. They’ve been making stupid videos and theater shows for years. Their new project is a web series called Trying My Best, which is about… well, watch the video to find out. Filming for the show begins in April 2016, so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to see it.

The Trying My Best Campaign target was exceeded when it ended a while back, much to the excitement of all involved, after which I was seduced by the doll-head-emblazoned, turquoise-splattered dark side by the weirdos who run this thing, to create three puppets for the show.

I agreed, obviously, since I wanted to be part of this silliness. Their live show a few years ago, the delightfully perverted “Slutmonster and Friends”, sold me on their awesomeness.

The only problem is, until the show goes live, I can’t show images of the puppets. Boo! I hear you say. Well, shut up and watch the campaign video. It’s fucking hilarious.


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