The Unseelie Faerie

A clearly impressed unseelie.

Feature image taken by the wonderful Snap Happy Ian.

For the Midsummer Fairie Rade I decided to make myself a headpiece with some horns and hair.

2015-01-08 20.39.30

At this point it’s a cheap dollar-shop bald cap to use as a base, paper mache all over, horns made from strips of gradually smaller strips of cardboard, taped together, hot glued into the shape you see here (is actually pretty fragile at this point).

Once it was strong enough it was cut back to the edges of my hairline, so that make-up could be used to blend the headpiece into my head.


The first coat of paint and some sanding back didn’t satisfy me very well… in fact it looked a bit sad at this point. The horns looked ok, but the headpiece was crappy.

It was at this point I thought maybe some hair would work, so I grabbed an old grey wig and set to work with the blue spray paint and a comb.

2015-01-13 22.31.04

And there it is… hair on, more paint, some additional PVA and paper pulp to cover the paper seams on the helmet and make it a bit smoother.

How does it stay on my head? Force… headache-inducing force. And the make-up to blend it into my head helped.


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