The Pantaloons of the Incubus

Isn’t “pantaloons” a wonderful word? Even when not accurately used to describe your work?

Anyways, here is something you’ve probably seen done before, but this is my version: wearable demon/satyr/incubus pants.

These were constructed for a short film. Here you get to see my stupid self wearing them.

Apparently the top half of the actor wearing them was done with full make up and prosthetic horns and whatnot, which may look very cool, though I was not on set to see it all together.

For those wondering, yes: This really is mostly just fur glued to a pair of jeans. The real difficulty here was then making that line up with a pair of shoes (slippers, really) that held the bottom section of the leg. You can stand normally (for the poor actor standing for hours on set, a necessity) or come up onto tiptoes to get the full effect.

They were slightly altered after these test shots as the actor was slightly taller than I measured, meaning a bit more was added to the “shoe” sections, but it worked out quite well. In a dark room, at night, haunting some lovely unsuspecting thing in her manor bed, I think it will look quite nifty!

pantaloons shot

Dance, magic, dance. Dance, magic, pants…


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