Making baby dragon wings

A cute little dragon wing I made using sticks, glue, fabric and paint.

I’d had this wonderful dragon skin material lying around for ages (an impulse buy at Spotlight) and never really knew what to do with it. So little wings it is.

These are made with sticks (yes, as in, off a tree) snapped and bent into the right shape, hot glued together, with the material draped over both sides so they meet around the edges. Using craft glue to seal all the edges. I then used some thinned PVA and a heat gun to make the fabric stretchy and mould it around the “bone” structure. PVA is good for this because it dries hard but stays slightly flexible, and dries clear.

A soldering iron can melt the synthetic fabric edges into one another (avoid the fumes if you value your ability to smell things). I also used the soldering iron to get the nice torn bottom edge look, and for the little holes.

After that some dry brushing and a little texturing around the edges with some acrylic paint and a nice shiny sealant works wonders.


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