I am the Night!

The Nightscreecher creature.

This is a hanging mobile creature inspired by the work of Jonn Kenn, an artist and director who draws terrifyingly gorgeous monsters on post-it notes. I recently found his work and decided I need to make one of his creatures for real – or at least something like it. One of my favourites was this one:

Copyright © John Kenn. http://johnkenn.blogspot.com.au/

Provided for comparison only. Image copyright © John Kenn. http://johnkenn.blogspot.com.au/

I only took a couple of progress shots during this build because I just forgot. One day I will learn my lesson (painfully, I imagine) so instead I will describe its construction a bit.

An early progress shot of the teeth installed in foam head.

An early progress shot of the teeth installed in foam head.

The teeth were each sculpted as two separate dentures and glued down to a cardboard mouth piece inserted in a spherical foam head. With everything glued in place I tested out some fur, finally deciding on a long rough black texture. Texture is everything.

Fur quickly wrapped around the skull.

Fur quickly wrapped around the skull.

A lot of cutting and gluing to get it all to wrap around the head. The eyes are simply polymer clay, painted white and black and glued onto the head. I couldn’t find any plastic store-bought stuff that suited it, but I totally would have cheated if I could.

The legs are polymer sculpted pieces with scrap fur glued to it. I painted some glue over the top of the leg fur to mat it down to the legs and give them a more sculpted look.

The wings are more complex. They have two polymer sculpted “bones” connected with wire at the top with more wire running in lines from the “hand” down to the ends of the wing mesh. The mesh is an old shirt (cotton). Over all of it is painted a dark grey blended latex to mush it all together.

It’s not exactly the most accurate depiction of the source, but I like it anyway.

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