An amphibious creation…

Fishboy... the amphibious creature with the... tongue

Making latex covered creatures is an interesting process. Infuriating, messy, wasteful, but interesting. More than the look, the feel of a latex creature is awesome. When you pick up this little guy he’s kind of squishy, a bit slippery. In the end I think he’s pretty good, but he could have been better. I think I may have another go in the future, but I have another latex covered job to do which has a lot more surface area and more room to experiment with.

Fishboy (working title) started life as a sculpted block of foam with some some simple sculpted spikes stuck to his back and wrapped in pantyhose.


His mouth cavity is a deep dome-shaped piece of polymer clay (the red tinted kind) set and hot glued into his would-be face, like such:


Which I’ll admit looks bloody hideous at this point… like some tortured vinyl sex doll or something.

Anyways, the stocking material is a pretty good base for the latex skin – the latex doesn’t absorb to heavily into it like open-cell foam, but just enough to stick. You have to do it in several parts, and often have to add more the next day to fill in any gaps, cover any air bubbles that rose to the surface. It’s… a process.


He got one coat initially, very generously applied. Then some polymer sculpted feet were hot glued right onto the side. The second coat of latex covered the joins and helped it become one seamless skin.

I forgot to take a photo of the fins in progress. They’re just a base thin wire with stocking material stretched over it, polymer clay to shape the joins and fill out the base, glued to the back, and covered in more latex.


And then we paint some more. For those who haven’t figured it out yet – yes, you can just mix cheap and nasty acrylic paint with latex and paint it on. You can even dry-brush texture on certain areas and it will colour well. As long as you have enough latex in the paint (at least 50% from various experiments), it sticks quite well to the previous layer. Give it enough time to dry though, or dry-brushing can wipe it off in ugly chunks.

His eyes are just eBay-purchased plastic eyeballs glued to his head with latex applied over them to make the lids. His tongue is just more red polymer clay.

Result? Eh, he’s OK. Cute as a button. I wanted a smoother surface and, in retrospect, it would have been better to put a string through his tail and dip the whole thing in latex and let it run off. But for what he is, I actually think he’s pretty darn adorable.



Fishboy... the amphibious creature with the cheeky tongue


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