Month: November 2013

The Goat Man

Head shot of the goat head mask.

Is it a goat? Is it a cow? No, it's a faun. Shut up, that's why.

After a technological nightmare that included losing hundreds of computer files, phone camera files and dropbox files, which can only be described as my ultimate modern-era horror story, I was finally able to collect some (not all) of the images and text from this write-up. Back-ups, people, get on it.

Goaty was an interesting one – the first time I’ve tried to create a wearable animal-style head. I could (and probably should) have sculpted it in clay, cast it, and done a resin base. I could have done these things, but I decided since I was broke and already in possession of reams of foam and adhesives, the best thing to do was to just start gluing things together until they looked like what I wanted. In fact, this is what I tell people who ask me “how did you learn how to make this?” My response is always the same: “Just start gluing things together until they look like you want them to.” Read more… »