Trying My Best

Promotional image for the TMB Kickstarter campaign.

Finally they are complete! The three puppets I’ve been creating (with often-collaborator Roslyn Quin). Sadly, I can’t post pictures yet. But they’re done. Onto the next project!

You’re still reading? Ok then. Well, these puppets were created for a web series by the idiots at Birthday Loyalty Club. They’ve been making stupid videos and theater shows for years. Their new project is a web series called Trying My Best, which is about… well, watch the video to find out. Filming for the show begins in April 2016, so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to see it. Read more… »

The Unseelie (Reprise)

Photograph copyright Len Panecki.

A year ago I went to the Midsummer Faerie Rade dressed as a Blue Fairy (original post here) and some great shots were taken by some professional photographers – you know, the types that walk around with actual cameras rather than phones.

This year I missed the event. However, a couple of days before it, this appeared, taken by the indomitable Australian photographer Len Panecki. I didn’t quite know who he was when I met him, but after a bit of internet searching I was rather impressed. He’s a cool guy.

This may be the best photo of me there ever was or will be, and I still look like a bit of a creeper. Oh well.

An amphibious creation…

Fishboy... the amphibious creature with the... tongue

Making latex covered creatures is an interesting process. Infuriating, messy, wasteful, but interesting. More than the look, the feel of a latex creature is awesome. When you pick up this little guy he’s kind of squishy, a bit slippery. In the end I think he’s pretty good, but he could have been better. I think I may have another go in the future, but I have another latex covered job to do which has a lot more surface area and more room to experiment with. Read more… »

Uhmum – A Monster, Once a Boy

Uhmum... the boy who became a monster after drinking some bad tea.

Uhmum is a creature created from foam, fur, latex and polymer clay. He’s no puppet – he just sits there looking cute. I wanted to experiment with creating a detailed, textured face using latex casting and latex painting (which is just cheap artist acrylics mixed with liquid latex), but have simple features that weren’t quite human and not quite beast. Read more… »

Gotta love Puddles…

With Puddles during his famous after-show photo sessions...

A friend took me and a bunch of others to see Puddles Pity Party for the Melbourne Comedy Festival recently.

Taking audience interaction to terrifying, uncomfortable and hilarious limits, Pity Party combines karaoke-style tunes with stage props and story elements, never actually speaking, only ever singing (he has a voice that just blows you away), as he searches for love among the crowd. Absolutely recommended. Splendid and inspiring show.